pressies! …and girly shopping!

Omigod! I just checked the wedding registry on Amazon and someone has got us the coolass toaster we wanted. Hoorah! Hip hip hooray! Actually, we’re pretty excited about everything that people have chosen to get us so far, I just get very bouncy very time I spot a new addition to our little home. Go us!!

Spent the day at Lenox Mall with Nicky and Lynsey having a great time. I had to get some makeup for the wedding so we went to Bloomingdales Mac counter and got one of the assistants to make me up. Was a little reticent at first but after much prodding by the girls I explained to the assistant that I was on a mission, showed her my wedding dress pic and we were off. The results were great and although I felt nervous Nicky and Lynsey’s noddings and sighs of approval reassured me.

Felt great to be able to hand over the gift card the BrightHouse ladies had given me and pay for everything I was recommended without blinking. Whoo hoo!!

Didn’t have much change left on the card after that little outing, but just enough to equip myself with some nice perfume. I feel very spoiled and pampered now. It was amazing to just be able to go out and buy what I really wanted without having to worry about picking up the bill too much. Many, many, thanks go out to the generosity of the BrightHouse girls.

Had a nice lunch at the Californian Pizza Kitchen and recuperated before hitting some more shops. Showed the girls Urban Outfitters and Victoria’s Secret before we headed into Rich’s Macy’s in search of a loo. Uhm, didn’t find one, but came out laden with goodies.

Lyns had said she was going to lurk at the entrance while Nicky and I finished up in the shop. We went to find her and she was nowhere to be seen. We’d arranged to meet Bill at Starbucks so I headed off to see if I could find him while Nicky scouted for Lynsey. Couldn’t find Bill so returned to the store to discover I’d lost Nicky too now.

Thankfully she jumped out at me just as I was wondering what on earth to do and said that Lyns had been in front of us all along. We just hadn’t recognised her because she’d been dolled up by one of the kiosk stall-holders and looked totally different. Really good different. It’s amazing what a few sparkly clips to hold her hair up did. Yay! Lyns made a purchase! She’s going to look fab for the wedding too. (not that she wouldn’t anyway, ack, you know what I mean!)

Meanwhile Mum and Dad had wandered around the Mall too but although I think they had a good time, shopping is not their thing so Bill escorted them back to the cars which we’d left at Candler Park so we could take the MARTA train to Lenox (yes, Bill sorted Daddy out with a hire car today too) and I think they concentrated on trying to sort out icing my wedding cake this afternoon. Mum’s been doing a great job considering that things here just aren’t necessarily what we are used to…can’t find roll out royal type icing anywhere.

Oh and Fran, Bill’s Mom popped around in the morning so everyone got to be introduced to her too. That went swimmingly actually and I think Mum, Dad and Fran are going to get along just fine. heh, Quince was all excited about all the guests and went a bit silly. He’s adorable.

Mum and Dad left to return to the hotel (which I’m not very impressed with, very noisy so they had to switch rooms, and Nick and Lyns have had problems with the heating and noise too) and the Prouts stayed behind for drinks and a screening of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (blimey that’s one messed up animated tale!).

Shame Mum and Dad were so tired (noisy hotel room kept them awake all night apparently) and jetlagged, but I had a really nice evening with my friends.

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