Pressies for Kay

Went down to the job centre this morning, following which I had an urge to splurge a little and buy something small to cheer myself up. Scoured Tavistock for a couple of things I’ve been musing over for some time now, to no avail. Tavistock is very pretty, but is quite useless when it comes to shopping. *growls* Came home, hit the InfernalNet and exercised my credit card. Hoorah! (accompanied by an inaudible “Eeeek!”)

In other news:

  • Farmer Sprout, despite finally learning that my name is Kay, not Katie, Kate or Faye, has now reverted to calling me Michelle!
  • I have a job interview this evening for a company in Ivybridge. Am currently panicking about what to wear and how not to get lost on the way.
  • Dartmoor Prison is also recruiting at the moment, phoned up this morning for an application form. Quite amused by this prospect.
  • Finally figured out how to get Mel’s webcam to work external to Yahoo! IM, needed to install some more software. Made Bill a silly video clip when I came back from TKD last night. Oh dear, I’m very sad.
  • Received an engagement card from Greg and Gem the other week. I was feeling quite upset and down at the time so that cheered me up no end. Keep meaning to scan it in so Bill can see too, but I is lazy and that would involve plugging my scanner in! Maybe later! Thanks guys! 🙂
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