Ooooh! And I completely forgot to mention that we got a really wonderful nice surprise last night too. The door bell rang as I was getting ready for Tang Soo Do and Bill answered the door to a UPS delivery man delivering our first Wedding Presents! Wow! We were very excited to discover that Bill’s workplace had purchased us a really cool charcoal grill and outdoor cooking implements set to mark our matrimony. Bill is especially chuffed and can’t wait to be all manly and toss some meat on the barbie. He’s also promised to make me pizza on the grill too. Apparently cooked that way it is something else. Mmmmm.

We’ve also had a small dent made in our wedding registry which is equally exciting and very much appreciated. Hoorah. I’m also very relieved to see that it is actually working! *bounce*

Whoo hoo! Soon we’ll have nice plates to eat off and I’ll be able to mix up cookie dough without my arms dropping off! That is just so cool.

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