Princess for a day

After a grubby morning helping out at the cottages I jumped into Lara and raced back into Tavistock yesterday to meet up with Mum. We had very special plans for a girly afternoon. Unfortunately Mel couldn’t join us because she was working all day and with time fast running out we had to undertake our mission without more delay.

Was quite excited because it’s not every day a girl gets to go shopping around for a wedding dress and rather nervous because I wasn’t sure what I wanted or how the afternoon would turn out. Felt a tad stressed and pressured as we set off towards Plymouth but Mum said to relax and enjoy it. If I didn’t spot something I loved today we would make time to find that perfect stunning dress.

I’d spotted a couple of dresses almost the desired colour in a shop when I was in town with Nicky earlier in the week and so we thought we’d take it from there. Was expecting to maybe pull one or possibly two potential garments from the rails and was certainly not prepared to end up laden down with gorgeous dresses to try on. Thought I might as well go for it and try everything on, even stuff I wouldn’t normally look twice at. Might find something surprising.

Felt really rather silly trying stuff on stood flat on the ground with trainer socks on, the dresses were all the wrong length and I looked plain daft. Felt much better and got totally into it once I’d borrowed a pair of strappy heels from the shop display. Henceforth, had lots of fun in the fitting rooms. The shop actually had a really nice adjustable mirror so that you could see yourself from many angles too. Excellent. Shop assistants were both very nice and actually assisted too which was a first. Was made to feel special.

Quickly narrowed it down to a couple of choices and ummed and ahhhed for a while between them. Must have changed half a dozen times between the two before I was totally decided that the one that looked totally perfect actually was totally perfect. (Sometimes it’s hard for my brain to convince my brain that it’s right).

All this time I’d manage to avoid looking at the price tags. I wanted to attempt to make a decision based on what I wanted to wear, rather than the numbers following the pound sign on the label. Was about ready to take a peek and see what the damage was going to be when Mum whisked it away and totally surprised me by buying it for me. Her wedding gift to me. Felt very touched, very spoiled and even more special.

A very happy and excited Kay stood and watched as my wedding dress was carefully folded and wrapped up in tissue paper and packed away for me. Wow. Can hardly believe it, got me a posh frock!

A celebratory coffee followed. Sat outside in the sun, clutching my prize possession tightly, munching on a chocolate muffin, watching Plymouth bustle by and thinking that that should be my last muffin until Christmas because if I put on a fraction in weight all will be lost. My dress fits like a glove and there is no room for muffins or doughnuts or chocolate fudge cake or cheese and onion pastys or anything really delicious and tasty! o.0

Also planned next weeks attack on shoes and accessories. Military operation that needs precision planning this you know. Mel’ll be able to join us next week too so I’m looking forward to that.

Got back home and just had time to put the dress somewhere safe away from snatching teeth before having to rush straight back out to take Molly to school.

Puppy training over and back at Ashridge Daddy then got a private viewing of the dress. I think he approved. Hugged my parents lots.

A couple of glasses of wine then followed and after several attempts (Mum’s mobile told me his line was engaged for ages before I tried using the landline and went through straight away, pesky One.Tel!) I managed to get to speak to Bill in Atlanta, or rather be a little drunk at Bill in Atlanta. Don’t think I let any details slip though. Think I was a good girl.

Having spoken to beloved I then tootled off to bed all tipsy and content.

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