Rain called off play.

Designated watch Vile play tennis day. Was actually quite looking forward to watching him puff around a court. However, the weather forecast was spot on and when we woke up it was a rather wet day outside. Still, the match wasn’t cancelled yet, just postponed a few hours.

Messed around all morning blowing up and decapitating nasty opponents on Unreal Tournament until I could still see little characters with blue arrows above their heads charging at me when I closed my eyes. Was great fun playing on the same team as Vile and shooting bad guys together. Whoo! We slaughteref the opposition. Go us!

Wrapped up warm ready to go out and Bill called the tennis folk first to double check the game was still on before we set off. Apparently all was still well. Bill grumbled about this because he was going to have to drive a fair distance to get there and he’d lost enthusiasm for playing with the weather being so cold and miserable. Still, we headed out.

A little way up the road Bill realised that he needed to put more oil in his car before it all went horribly wrong. Pulled over at a service station so he could sort this out. Lucky he did so as the coach rang to say that the match had been cancelled after all because, duh, it was raining. *rollseyes*

We were just pulled over right by a Willy’s Mexicana Grill and thus the call of quesadilla was strong and we were lured in.

Wasn’t impressed by my food though, I’d been to Willy’s before when I was last in Atlanta and it had been so much better then. Today the cheese sickened me. Ugh. Disappointing.

However, Vile suddenly turned into a chomping human dustbin beast and scoffed all his burrito and my left overs!

Heh, on leaving Willy’s we were driving along and suddenly the bonnet flipped open. Silly boy had forgotten to close it properly. Duh.

It was kinda annoying that we had wasted most of the day waiting around for nothing to happen and by the time we got back to the house via Publix it was early evening. Poop. Cue more death and destruction, then we settled down to watch Being John Malkovich which amazingly Bill hadn’t seen before. A film I’d seen and he hadn’t, that was a novelty.

Fun on the sofa with Quince and Bill. Bill kept commenting as the film progressed. Amused me greatly. Hee hee.

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