Well, ever since the first Revolution opened its doors in Manchester many years ago I had always wanted to go hang out there and tonight I finally made it and it was great.

I love vodka.

When I arrived it was fairly bustling which surprised me considering that it’s the middle of summer and Fallowfield is usually a lot quieter with all the students away. However, Matt, R and R had managed to score a couple of sofas and a table so lounging wasn’t a problem. Made myself comfy, lined up a couple of shots and was soon happily bouncing to the almost excessively loud piped music. Not so sure that the others were quite so happy with the soundtrack but what seemed to be the entire Beastie Boys back catalogue and nicely chilled voddy made Kay a happy bunny.

A glance around the room was also rather entertaining. The place was heaving with “the beautiful people”, or as Ruairi put it: “it looks like a casting for Big Brother wannabes.”

Had to sit on my hands to stop myself running over and stroking one guy’s hair, sat behind Ruairi, this black fella had the most amazing fluffy looking “not quite” afro. It just begged to be hugged.

Actually I there were quite a number of really cool looking black men and women there. I was surprised that this surprised me, but it struck me how the places I usually go to are so narrow in the spectrum of society that they appeal to, it was nice to get out of that clique for the night. People watching was fun.

Was totally amused when I went to the bar to get a round in. Okay, it’s a vodka bar, yet no one but me it seemed was actually drinking the stuff. Also, Revolution stock huge quantities of different vodkas yet I overheard a lot of folks at the bar ask for: “A pint of Hoegaarden, half a Budvar and oh a vodka cheers mate”!!

Sat with Rebecca and watched Ruairi and Matt get animated. Rebecca gave me an *ahem* pep talk which just totally cracked me up. Wish I could remember a particular quote she came out with, made a mental note last night but it’s gone now. Anyway I think it involved comparing leg lengths.

Slight entertainment interlude when bouncers broke up a brawl and cleared half the clientele from the bar in one foul swoop.

Had a fun night, and then at kicking out time Ruairi and Rebecca came back to the flat for a bit. Of which more later…

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