RIP Nyarnia?

I think it’s been almost a month now since the apparent demise of Nyarnia. I keep checking back just in case but I get that awful connection refused message everytime. No idea what happened but I miss it terribly. Hope its loss isn’t connected to asinine behaviour on the part of others. (*growls*)

Feel like I am losing contact with a couple of good friends now. That MUSH was a great gathering point for so long and the only place I could ever really chat and be silly with Red Penguin and Darth Lank. I know since losing my job and becoming engaged to Vile, and not forgetting Pengie moving timezones, catching people online was becoming more miss than hit, and fizzling somewhat, but hanging out there was still priceless. I feel bereaved.

Guess I have to face that Nyar is dead, and so in loving memory, I record the transcript of my final conversation within the Monkey Tree:

*** Message transcribed 11/03/03 16:05 GMT ***
********* pinKaboo and Darth Lank ***********

Darth_Lank knows you probably don’t want to hear it, but it’s a good day when a girl comes into your cubicle and practically sticks her butt in your face.
pinKaboo snickers
Darth_Lank says, “It’d been better if it was a nice butt, though”
pinKaboo asks, “aww was it all saggy?”
Darth_Lank says, “Well, no”
Darth_Lank says, “More of… not there. She’s very thin.”
pinKaboo says, “heh”
Darth_Lank says, “But she wears a nice bra that makes her chest look nice, since I’m on a roll in being shallow”
pinKaboo says, “well, that’s better than huge and flabby”
pinKaboo laughs
Darth_Lank grins, “True this”
pinKaboo says, “have you ever noticed that girls with horrid butts are the ones that insist on wearing hotpants? UGH! (except Kylie of course)”
Darth_Lank laughs and nods.
pinKaboo says, “it’s hideous! they should be put down”
pinKaboo . o O ( not to death of course, but maybe a good public insulting would go down a treat )
Darth_Lank laughs 😀
pinKaboo sighs, okay, I have to go back upstairs, chain myself to my pooter and do some Flash work for his Vileness
Darth_Lank says, “I am a mighty fan of the female derriere, so it is natural instinct for me to sneak a peek. And when it is unpleasant, he cries a little inside.”
pinKaboo hugs Darth, awww
pinKaboo feels for ickle Lanky.
Darth_Lank hehes 🙂
Darth_Lank smiles, “Probably what I get for peeking anyway :)”
pinKaboo laughs
pinKaboo exclaims, “TRUE!!”
Darth_Lank says, “Goodbye, pink, and lovely to see you as always.”
pinKaboo slaps Darth’s wrists
pinKaboo smiles, “yeah! catch you later :)”
Darth_Lank sheds a tear!
Darth_Lank waves 🙂
pinKaboo waves and skips off

*** Transcript Ends ***

Farewell? 🙁

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