Rusholme Calling

About to head off for a curry. Think we might give the Al-Bilal a whirl tonight. I have a hankering for their sizzling chicken platter and jalfrezi sauce, hmmm.

I’m just goofing about online waiting for Nicky to tart herself up now. I started getting ready way after her (was too busy on a Pringle and Grolsch fest), finished and am STILL waiting for her to declare herself presentable.


Am already feeling somewhat wasted. Bodes well, or not.

Made it to Taekwon Do today, just. Almost vegged out and stayed in bed, but no, ten minutes to the lesson I decided to go kick some arse. And I’m glad I did, some uber arse kicking I did do! We did a touch of breaking today and I side-kicked my way through 3 boards! Go me!

The next grading is on the 15th but I’m not sure if I’ll be going for it at the moment, I’ve got quite a lot to catch up on. Though I suppose it might well be my last opportunity for quite a while. Hmm, depends what happens about where the hell I am going to live in January. I’m having to give notice on the flat tomorrow and have no idea what to do next.

*ponders and pushes that thought to one side for the moment*

Estimated Time of Vile Arriving in the UK : 18 days! wheeeeee!

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