Vile is idle


*prods Vile*


Other things what I have been up to this week include:

Helping out at the farm by painting a cottage hallway a lovely “custard cream” yellow. That was kinda fun, nice to be busy getting something practical done and seeing immediate results. Good to get a little messy too. Nice to hang out with Nicky and just turn walls a scary colour. Good time to think and let the mind wander too.

My attire amused me too. Had to borrow a delicious check shirt and jeans, lovely. Mum called the look “redneck chic” and I was just disturbed.

Had a fitting for my Kitty corset that day too, looking great! yay!

Rewrote my CV to make it all bland and less graphic orientated to try to snag a job in Plymouth, and headed over to the worst job fair ever. It was pretty poor, still, managed to hand my CV out to a few companies and apply for a couple of jobs. One of which was the company that tried to call me the next day. Ugh to horrid call centre work, but I’ve done it before and I guess I can cope with it for a while, pay has to be at the better end of the crap Devonshire jobs pay scale!


Vile’s status is set to available.

*pester pesters*

*whoo #2*

He’s gone to put his dungarees on! *giggle*

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