Hee, on Saturday Bill’s dog, Quince, received some post. A rather squishy parcel all wrapped up and sparkly with his name on it. Almost killed me trying to keep that one quiet for an entire week while talking to Bill! Actually, almost killed me watching Bill and Quince open it on cam too!

That was actually the purpose of the secret mission down Tavy with Mel a week or so back. Couldn’t resist getting doggle a squeaky monkey dog toy to gnaw while Bill is out at work during the day. Bet Quince just lays down and looks at it though, that dog needs some caffeine in his Pedigree Chum!

Bill got a new 21″ monitor delivered the other day to go with his spanking new pooter, Roscoe. He installed the web cam last night and we both were knocked over backwards by the sudden increase in picture quality on his side. Wow! For once he wasn’t this blurry inch high smear. Hoorah! I like!


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