Sewing machine

Vile and I have a cunning plan for which we are in need of a sewing machine. Luckily his mum came to the rescue and has lent us hers. So a trip to Milledgeville to pick it up was undertaken this afternoon with Quince in tow. In return Quince did a fly hunt and got himself a juicy morsel into the bargain.

Then we went over to Macon to be introduced and go to dinner with Bill’s buddy Richard, his lady, their 3 dogs, 2 Siamese kittens, and a lizard dragon thing. The menagerie did not accompany us out for Mexican.

I was forced to climb into the crate and pet the dragon, and subsequently became covered in hives. Coincidence? Think it got me with it’s evil dragon breath.

Oh yeah, and I drove from Jackson to Milledgeville (causing Bill’s dad to doubletake when I pulled into his driveway) and then from Milledgeville almost all the way to Macon. (Bill took over on the Interstate and navigating to Richard’s pad, which was probably a good thing as I then immediately passed out in the passenger seat.) Truckin’ 😀 Needed the Pigeon Street “Long Distance Clara” theme tune as backdrop today.

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