Okay, the promised shoe entry.

Nicky brought me shoes, the shoes are good!

Not only are the shoes good, but they are pink, and just happen to be the very ones I had been drooling over in the shops for several months, and they fit!

Matt wouldn’t let me buy them, (and okay, the voice of reason in my head would have agreed with him if I listened to it) so I kept going into the shop just to look at them and stroke them and hope that they would appear in the sales, because then I obviously would have had no choice but to purchase.

I was most upset when they did make a sales outing, but only in a size 3. I’m a size 7, possibly a 6, so if anyone else out there fancies buying me nice footwear?!…

Now, several months later, Nicky, oblivious to my distress as I covered my mourning well, sees a lovely pair of blue shoes in the sales in London and asks to try them on. The assistant pootles off to get her size and comes back with a pink pair as well, saying:

-“I’ve just found these lying around the back, they aren’t out in the sale but they’re reduced too, are you interested in pink?”
-“no, but I know a girl who would!”

And, tada, I get special new shoes because Nicky is lovely!

*bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

I hug my shoes.

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