Saturday was designated “buy Kay summer clothes day” so we went to the Lenox Mall (I think!) and hit Urban Outfitters looking for something suitable. Oogled at the MONKEY SHOWERCURTAIN! GROOVY DUVET! and YUMMY THINGS!! for a while before settling in and making some purchases.

‘Course, American sizing is totally different from the UK and I had no idea what size I might be. Interesting finding out. Ended up walking out with a vibrant turquoise kimono pattern skirt, a cute rose girly dress and a pair of chunky Rocketdog Mary Janes. Yay.

Not content with that however, Bill then drove us up to the Stone Mountain Target to look for more Kay clothes. Also got to see a glimpse of Stone Mountain (25 million square feet of exposed granite) along the way.

Had a fest in the changing rooms at Target but was disappointed that the dress I liked best didn’t fit me (too HUGE). Still, came away with some nice goodies. Thanks Bill.

Also bought a couple of camping chairs to use in the back of the truck when we make it to the Starlight Drive-In.

Whoo, left the air conditioned environment of the Publix and hit the outside air, it was warm! The kind of crunky warm where you feel like you are eating the air with every breath. Eeeps, not used to that! Heh, don’t suppose Bill even noticed.

Back at the house we curled back up on the couch for the rest of the afternoon and I fell asleep to A Bug’s Life.

Early evening found us on the tennis courts, increasingly stinky Bill hitting a couple of balls around the court with a friend of his from work. Amusing.
Wore my new shoes and black capri pants, hoorah! Also managed to avoid being eaten by mossies.

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