Signing on girl is back!

Signing on girl is back
Got up early today and made it to the Job Centre for my new claim interview. Was very surprised to bump into Indianna Jones Steve down there, down on his luck too. Interview went okay, if a little bumpy due to the Matt living situation. I’m not convinced I’m going to get any benefit because of that, I made the mistake of telling the truth and despite the fact that I am not with him any more I don’t think it registered and he might still be counted as my partner. Feck.

Then I tried to get a dental appointment and they are all booked up until January so that’s no good either.

Moving on out
Came back to find the landlady and her dog in the flat checking to see if she needs to redecorate when we vacate. Despite the obvious chaos that is here at the moment, including my bed strewn over the sofa and belongings scattered everywhere, she seemed okay about the place. She didn’t seem too stressed.

Happy Birthday Sy
Sy’s birthday was on Friday, so many happy returns to him. Yay! Weird to think that my little brother is now 25(?)! Eeeps!

Happy Birthday Sarah
Have had a pretty good weekend starting with Sarah’s birthday meal at Kosmos on Friday night. I was stuffed by the time I got to the main course, hardly touched it. Did however pluck up the courage to ask for a doggy bag for my Vegetable Moussaka. YAY!

When Matt and I were sorting through a cupboard the other day we found an unused Polaroid film that was out of date so we took that along to the meal and it provided much entertainment as everyone present had their photo taken during the meal. Mine was funny, I look like I should be selling the Big Issue apparently.

Saturday saw me going to Taekwon Do and then meeting up with Ruairi and Rebecca to go to a party at Gemma’s house in Whalley Range. Amazing house. They had set up a stage (using a liberal amount of tin foil) in the lounge and had a band playing. Apart from the fact that had no vocalist, only seemed to know 3-4 songs (Pixies and Strokes covers) they were rather grand. Apparently it was their first performance too. Was quite impressive to see a band fitted into a living room, complete with drum kit.

Down in the basement they had a DJ too, but it was a shame because apart from one mad dancing loon nobody was down there because it was a tad chilly. Oogled at interesting saws down there and quickly returned to the upstairs warmth.

Made friends with Socks the housedog, two kittens and a couple of girls from Wolverhampton. Al (?) was suffering severe internet withdrawal and was telling me all about her failed date with a guy she met online before she passed out on the stairs.

Rearranged all the French Fancies so that they were symmetrically distributed and formed a pretty pattern.

Fun night.

Came home, connected, caught up with Vile. Just couldn’t go to bed without waving drunkenly, and stupidly, at him first!

Avid, Wizzard, and Recycling
Yesterday Matt and I went over to Didsbury to try and get a touch of Christmas shopping done, was slightly successful. Avid is such a fab shop, lots of lovely things in there. Kept seeing stuff for me though, not good. Was highly disappointed that they had succumbed to playing nauseating Christmas tracks though, put me off browsing somewhat. If I never hear “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday” again it’ll be once too often. I hate the way I always end up clicking my fingers to such crap, not because it’s good but because I’ve been brainwashed by cheese every Christmas for as long as I can recall. GAH!

Also disposed of our bottle mountain at the recycling point. The number of bottles rolling around the kitchen was getting a little scary.

The Two Towers
Purchased 2 tickets to see Lord of the Rings in Plymouth with Vile. YAY!!

Then I went over to The Woodstock to meet Sally and Kristina. Drank some, roasted by the fire and amused them with tales of Atlanta. Shaun does some great redneck impressions, that boy NEEDS a mullet! Sally was totally sober, but you would never have known it! Giggled lots as Kristina’s Swedish turned more and more Welsh, and I lapsed into West Country. Had 3 pints of cider and a bag of chilli crisps bought for me – yay!! THANK YOU!!

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