sleep patterns

*blinks blearily*

Have just woken up from deep unintentional slumber. One of my ones where I can’t seem to do anything about it and my hands turn into stardust. Luckily I managed to crawl into bed and flake out. (particularly while at uni used to end up crashed on the floor unable to move, though haven’t done that in a long while :]) Had really really vividly mad dreams involving the Pink Panther and Inspector Clouseau, was really psychedelic. I recall it was colourful, but also subtle in places with very French artwork and bits of Busby Berkeley choreography. It had quite an involved plot, which of course I can’t remember.

Had to be force fed two strong cappuccinos so that I wouldn’t sleep all evening. yikes. I hate it when that happens, I wanted to do stuff today.

Oh well, I did go to a Taekwon Do seminar conducted by Master Liversage this morning. Kristina and Sally picked me up at 9 and we made our way to Bradford (via Piccadilly to pick a jolly Greek guy up too) with the aim of getting there for 10.30. Needless to say we got completely lost and drove around in circles for ages, got diverted and lost the diversion and drove up and down the same road 4 times looking for the centre before we found it. Luckily, so it seems, did everyone else.

I had been rather nervous about attending this patterns seminar, but it really wasn’t so bad. There were a couple of other people who were my rank or below there and even some children (although all senior to me) so I wasn’t the only clueless person getting in a tangle. Was relieved to not be asked any questions in Korean.

Was rather disappointed in it really. Master Liversage simply took us through each of the patterns and made us line up and do the moves step by step. However, it didn’t really mean anything as we only went through each one once and I’d not done them before so I was just rather confusing. I’d have liked to have seen someone senior demonstrate the patterns as I find it hard to visualise what they are supposed to look like when performed properly. Still, it was an interesting morning and I’m sure I did learn something even if I don’t realise it at the moment.

Though actually I was aware that some of the Korean terms and reasons for particular actions were sinking in a bit towards the end.

Got diverted on the way home as well, Kristina tortured her passengers by singing at us in Swedish. Got trapped in the one way system in the center of Manchester trying to take the Greek guy back to his place, ended up just dumping him and leaving him to walk!

Came home, crawled into bed, the afternoon passed me by.

And speaking of sleep, Mogs is my friend again now. I went to sleep last night with her purring loudly beside me. Woke up in the night when she jumped on my head and started “making biscuits” on me. YAY! Love the Mogs.

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