snake..a snake…oooooh it's a snake!

Yesterday was spent getting frustrated and angry at tool rental places as we futilely chased the dream of hiring a brush hog with which to attack the back yard and reclaim it from being forest. We were led up the garden path a couple of times and drove to silly places in Atlanta in our quest. For example Bill phoned up one place and got a quote, decided it was reasonable and so we hauled the truck over to Riverdale only to get their and find the guy on the phone had been economical with the truth. We walked away and turned our back on him. Another time we’d phoned the Home Depot and been told that their brush hogs were out of order but being worked on. We called them again after the four hours they asked us to wait and were told that there was a working machine over at the Tucker store. We ran over to there and, guess what? It was broken. Both Bill and I were very fed up by this point as we’d practically wasted the entire day being led around in circles.

Not deterred and determined not to let the back yard defeat him when we got back to the house Bill decided to just use his lawn mower and see how far that would get him. It’s amazing. The forest is falling before him. What was once thick brush and overgrowth is now getting clearer by the minute. We are most impressed by the mower, and I’m impressed by Bill’s hardwork and resolve. We’ve almost managed to reclaim the entire yard back now. It’s very hard to walk out there because the ground is covered in ivy vines and is just a huge trip wire but we’re going to beat it all back and give us and the dogs a fantastic back garden to play in.

It’s also amazing what junk we are finding amongst the undergrowth. We have uncovered an engine, lots of oil filters, the remains of an office fan, many bottles and medication containers but most usefully a dog runner. This latter item was actually bought by Bill and lost when he put the fence up and no longer needed to restrain the doggys. We’ve strung it back up between two trees and attached the Gingha to it. He’s a lot happier now and has a lot more leeway to run around. He and Quince have even been getting playful out there.

Why do I always find these things?

While I was picking up the fallen branches and debris I found this snake curled up at the bottom of one of the trees. Eeek! Made me jump. We did a google search to see if we could find out what it was and whether or not it was venomous before deciding how to deal with it. I think we agreed it was a Yellow Rat Snake, a non-venomous snake that snacks on rodents. Bill caught it and then took it to the very back of the property before releasing it again. That was quite exciting.

Quince had an adventure this morning too. We were so focused on making sure Genghis wasn’t going to go anywhere Quince slipped beneath the radar. I suddenly realised I coudn’t see him rooting around getting excited about his new stomping ground anymore and was worried that he’d wandered off. He had. Naughty dog. After quite a bit of calling him Bill finally spotted him nosing around the burnt out house down the road and we retrieved a sheepish Quince quick smart. Phew!

OK, Bill just came in miffed that I’m just watching him through the window and not helping…got to go!

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  1. vilehelm March 15, 2004 at 5:11 am #

    yardmachine, Briggs & Stratton 4 hp engine, 22 inch cut <---rules

  2. vilehelm March 15, 2004 at 5:11 am #

    yardmachine, Briggs & Stratton 4 hp engine, 22 inch cut <---rules

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