Kicking is fun!
Just had a TKD lesson which consisted purely of sparring. I am exhausted. Managed to get over my fear of being hit on the collarbone and got more into the spirit of it this week. Am thinking of going along to the class in Sale tomorrow too – yay! I love fighting 🙂

Received my yellow belt.

Asked about the insurance claim that got put through for me when I broke my collarbone – nothing doing.

Apparently the claim had to have been submitted within 14 days of my accident. Am a bit annoyed about this as that is the first I heard about that clause, and at the time I couldn’t have exactly moved anyway! I had to hand my doctor’s note into my instructor, and as they weren’t forthcoming with home addresses that meant going to the dojang when I could actually walk and which was inconviently shut for half term during that 14 day period too. Pants. All a bit rubbish really.

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