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Woo, made it awake this morning, though admittedly I am just barely there. Going to stick on my delicious and sexy painting attire and toddle over to the cottages in a bit to speak to Nicky’s dad, see if anything needs doing up there. Feel a bit more energetic this morning, maybe that’s because I was cheeky last night and made Nicky take me swimming over at Sherrill.

Finally made it down to Tavistock College to check out the Taekwon Do class that is held down there. I had eventually got through on the advertised phone number only to find that it was wrong, which is why I had to pluck up the courage to go down in person instead. It was mayhem down there. Hmm, seems somewhat more informal than my last club! Still, it’s free for the first month so I’ll be going back on Monday with my dobok on to kick some Tavy arse, or more likely get a bit out of breath.

Drove over to rouse the Nicky afterwards and went across to the pool at Sherrill. There was already some people there when we arrived but they didn’t stay long and soon we had the pool all to ourselves. Mmmm.

Christened my new bikini and swam about lots until my legs felt like they had turned to jelly. Then we bobbed about in the jacuzzi for a while.

A brief comedy/confusing interlude was provided by Nicky’s dad when he came over to check up on things.

Nicky was evil and told him that her family are off to Trago Mills (got a great deal happening) in the morning to buy a jacuzzi for upstairs in the farm annexe and that Lynsey wants an amazing power jet shower or something, all lies. She knew full well that he’d go straight to her mum and tell her how stupid she is for wanting to install a jacuzzi upstairs. Wicked girl.

A bit more frothing in the jacuzzi followed, then it was into the steam room with us. At 38-40 degrees it seemed like very appropriate training for summer in Atlanta.

Jumped back into the pool for a bit more invigorating exercise. *splash* *brrrr*

A fab night indeed. Didn’t spend all evening moping about the house, and when I got home Bill was back from work and online. Yay! Perfect.

oh and in the morning I took a trip down to the surgery to see the nurse, I need to make sure that my vaccination history is up to date and be able to provide the INS with a copy of the record for my Immigrant Visa application. I don’t actually need to do this until I am married and applying for my change of status, but I thought I would try to be organised and have it ready for when I get to go for an interview at the Embassy. *fingers crossed*

Problem is that the nurse kept telling me that I didn’t need any vaccinations to go to the States and would only write down what I’ve had had and the dates on an index card. Not exactly official looking. Hmm. Anyhow, she recommended I get a tetanus/diptheria booster as I haven’t had one since 1989. As I couldn’t get it done today because of the antibiotics I’m on for my teeth I’m going to have to make an appointment for that later.

So, I came home, went online and printed off all the pages on the Visa website that tell you to provide the doctor at the medical with a copy of your vaccination history. I’m going to take that along with me when I go down for my tetanus, see if that helps me to get something a little more authoritative to show the INS. I’m sure it’s not really going to be a problem anyway, I just want everything to go nice and smoothly so I can get to Atlanta. Whoo!

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