Okay, so I was on the forums being a nice little pinKaboo while I should have been packing. Um plenty of time for that later! *eek*

My excuse? Well it’s hard to pack anything when ALL your clothes are sitting in the dirty laundry basket, man have I been slack lately.

Stuck some loads going last night and am now seriously willing everything to dry by the time I get home this evening, I should then have enough time to throw EVERYTHING in a bag and hit the road. Might make it down to Devon by midnight, who knows? Going to try to see if I can work through my lunch so I can leave an hour earlier so I should hit Didsbury by 6, Birmingham by 8.30, Bristol by 10, Exeter by 11 and home for the witching hour. That’s the plan anyway. Ha! We’ll see.

Had a mad frantic hunt for my swimming costume, that hasn’t seen daylight in a long time! *looks down at self* Hmm not sure it will now either, eek. Oh well.

I’m going to see the sea! hoorah.

Must get hold of Nicky to arrange pubbing session on Saturday too.

Also spent the evening inflicting lots of pain on myself to be pretty, it worked, I feel adorable. *sigh*

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