Last night in Atlanta with Vile, was packing and feeling very moochy so we decided to go out to the StarBar for a drink (which turned into 3). Glad we did, felt much better. Bill spoke to lots of folks and looked all bouncy too. Had a good night, Karoake is a great night.

We went to the StarBar one other time while I’ve been in town. Made it to The Reverend Uncle Laffo’s Quality Amateur Talent Sideshow a week ago last Thursday. Didn’t stay to the end, but last night we were informed that Maggot won for eating lightbulbs.

Did see Brothers Swink Motor Terror Show. Wish I’d taken the camera that night. Jousting on quads in the bar. Awesome.

A PBR guy sponsored the night and gave everyone drinking PBR freebies. Drat, Bill has told me to stay well clear of that stuff so neither of us got any crazy goodies. Wanted amusing PBR stuff!! Spotted a spare can left on the side by someone but was too chicken to nab it. Drat. PBR mouse mat == cool!

Much of the compereing sounded like:

rarrrrrarrrrararrrrarrrrr rarrr PBR rrarrrr rarrrr raaarr El Camino rrarrr rarrr rrrrrr *censored naughty bits* rarrrr rarrrr rarrrr

Until Laffo, Rotknee and Cap’n Dave broke into phoney British accents that sounded suspiciously Sean Connery like. Understood them perfectly then.

Got called out by Laffo for being English and more Hello Kitty than the Japanese, was presented with the “American Hello Kitty,” a Cupie doll. And a dirty one at that! A soot covered, coal mining Cupie Doll. Had no idea what was being said to me at this point and Bill had to translate afterwards. *blush* (Also had to google “Cupie Doll” the next day)

London Embassy still say that they haven’t received my Packet 3. Dammit. Now I’m stressing about that too.

Okay, got to leave for the airport now I guess. Not so happy about that but am looking forward to seeing my family. Landing in Gatwick at 11am tomorrow morning. Bill thankfully worked from home today and we popped into Little 5 Points to get some lunch but ended up at La Fonda at Inman Park for burritos instead.

Mum, Dad, Sy and Mel – see you soon. xxx 🙂

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