Taekwon Do Grading (attempted 8th Gup)

OK, I dragged myself to Taekwon Do, at least I made it there which is a step up from last time. Didn’t manage to eat anything, but had plenty of water. I’m okay, kitchen still smells of bad cabbage (it’s that cabbage again) and makes me want to heave when I go in there but I think maybe this morning’s loveliness was prolly a bit of nerves too.

Grading was alright, scary, but the examiner turned out to be the same guy as last time so I had a better idea of what to expect from him this time.

Had to “conceal” my piercings with plasters because I can’t take them out (or at least if I managed it they would be hell to put back in) – that was fun.

Got totally thrown when we had to do some of the white belt’s grading exercises, I’ve only been back 2 weeks and had been concentrating purely on what I needed to remember for my grading. Went a bit screwy.

My Chunji-tul which had been my strongest point went to pot when the guy in front of me came into my space and I lost my rhythm.

Was allowed to skip doing the press-ups because of my collarbone, instead I got to do sit-ups – hoorah – just as evil when you don’t have someone holding your legs because the pressure goes to the collarbone – booo! Survived.

That reminds me, the Instructor asked me how I broke my collarbone and when I told him he turned away saying “bad technique!” – cheers mate!

Got picked out for having a bad left yop chagi (yeah I know! – that’s my weak side, I was hoping he’d be looking the other way when I had to do that! – arrghh) Got told off (nicely mind) for not calling him Sir. oops.

Not sure how I did, Kristina seems to think I did okay. Fingers crossed anyhow.

Kristina was brave, she got called to spar with the green belts (who were wearing all the protective gear).

Should really crawl back into bed now but am off out for a celebratory drink with Kristina at The Woodstock – it’s tradition (starting now).

Yay I did it!

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