Taekwon Do

Great, just got an email from Daddykins chastising me for being online and ignoring him at 8:20 this evening. Well, Daddykins, it was not me, I would do no such thing. Ignore my lovely Daddy, I think not! Think Daddykins! It’s TUESDAY and TUESDAY means Taekwon Do night – YAY!! *bounce* So there! nyar yah boo sucks
Am a bit sad though, because it was announced that our Tuesday night instructor Mr Moore is leaving the area and won’t be our instructor any longer, awwww. That’s it! I’m not going any more!
Actually, of course I am. Taekwon Do is great.
I’ve been practising hard, I’ve got my grading on Saturday and it’s proving tricky to remember everything I had done before I broke my collarbone. Scary. Fell over sparring tonight and was fine – hoorah! Must go learn some Korean now.
Had a quick play with Pengie in Wayland, beat him up a bit, he’s such a wuss.

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