Take me out to the ballgame…

Atlanta Braves vs Houston Astros

Last night we went to Turner Field to see the Braves play again. Free tickets because it was a Brighthouse outing! Yay!! AND we each got given an allowance when we got there. Sweet! I felt no qualms about spending $10 on a mushroom sarnie, (drew the line at $7 for a beer though!) and I think we came home in profit! Hoorah!

Muahahaha Atlanta stormed over those pesky Texans.

Was a much better game to watch this time, Gary Sheffield upped his number of home runs to 366 which pleased the chefs greatly. And the pitcher zapped a home run down the line just as Bill was commenting on his decent stats “considering he’s a pitcher an’all.”

I think the Braves fans were happy too, towards the 6th inning a Mexican wave started. It made it around the stadium four times before disintegrating into halfhearted waving.

The stadium seemed to kick off in the 9th inning when the Braves sent Smoltz out to pitch and closed the game with perfect tosses. Was all over very quickly with the Astros going nowhere fast.

So, I got to see the Coca-cola fireworks explode three times in one evening, once after each home run and then a final victory flourish. Wheee!

Much fun.

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