Tall tales

It’s been raining heavily all day today so Bill and I decided that a trip to the cinema was in order, Bill then promptly passed out on the couch and zonked out so hard we missed our intended screening. Eventually made it to the theatre later on in the afternoon, bought our fizzy beverage of choice and snackage and settled back to watch Tim Burton’sBig Fish. A flick which promised a tale of one man getting to really know his dying father as he trys to sift through the reality behind the illusions his dad weaved him through his fantastical tales.

The film was quite enchanting at times, and as usual Steve Buscemi has managed to pick a winner. Both Bill and I got a little misty towards the end. My coat collar is a little damp, although, I wasn’t half as bad as one lady I saw in the bathroom afterwards, she was grabbing loo roll and attempting to recompose herself.

Was amused when the family were sat done to eat dinner and I noticed that the son’s French wife was using her knife and fork with proper ettiquette, while the “Americans” were just going at their food just as they pleased. So true.

Yesterday we took Quince and drove up to Mary’s to return her cooler. Quince got all excited when he realised where he was, but unfortunately Mary and Hank were out riding their horses with the dogs so he didn’t get to see his cousins.

We were supposed to then head further up North so we could take Quince for a walk and so I could get to see more of leafy Georgia. However, we realised we weren’t going to make it to our intended destination (Bill missed an exit coming from Decatur and getting to the Leslie’s took FOREVER!) so we went to a walking place nearby only to find that it is closed until mid-Feb (grrr, not Quince’s day at that point!).

Ended up having to head back to Atlanta and went to somewhere called Lake Claire where there is a park and lots of people let their dogs run free in a kind of bowl area. Bill followed his nose and the semi-remembrance of talk of a hiking area nearby and we discovered a great woody place with trails where we could let Quince run free. He went mental and totally joyed out for a while.

Back at the doggy bowl some other beasts had arrived, amongst which there was a gorgeous King Shepherd we were introduced to. She was called Fiona and Quincy adored her. He has a thing for big dogs, always tends to ignore dogs if they are smaller than him, but bigger and he freaks out with adoration. Larry, another dog was also there, but we don’t like him because he kept trying to ride Quince and indulge his carnal fantasies. They all got very excited, (Quince doing his best to ignore Larry’s advances while trying to play havoc with Fiona) and raced off out of bounds, right into into this muddy stream and Bill wouldn’t let him back into the truck. Quince rode home with the wind in his ears strapped into the back of the truck. I think he had a great time.

Had to give him a bath when we got home

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