Tapping the line

Argh, my family just hijacked my conversation with Bill! He has no idea who he is talking to now and the web cam isn’t working properly so he can’t even guess who is typing at him, and they all keep grabbing the keyboard! Poor Bill, he’s doing admirably though. Oh no hang on, seems Dad is the Admiral and Bill is the Scurvy Cove. Oh dear.

And now Sy just walked into my bedroom and told mum off for leaving the water running in the bathroom. Asked her to turn it off, then revealed he was holding the tap in his hands:

Sy: “great, well done, it’s buggered now!”

They both depart to the bathroom, much clanking can be heard…

Mum: “do you need a new tap washer?”
Sy: “no, you need a new tap!”


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