In preparation for the Turkey Day, on Wednesday night I dragged Bill down to the gym and managed a 20 minute run on the elliptical machine as well as utilising various other instruments of torture. Am glad we did because the last few days have been tummy-tastic and I’m now rolling around like a fat thing.

My first Thankgiving was spent scarfing plentiful food at Milledgeville with Bill’s parents and brother. Thursday morning we packed Quince into the truck and I drove the interstate section of the way to their house before getting bored and rather stiff from all this straight road dull driving and handed over to Bill.

Quince loves to visit his grandparents and was soon happily rubbing himself all over their freshly cleaned carpet in a fit of pure joy.

Fran and Don had prepared a delicious spread of turkey, cranberry jelly (though Donnie objected as it was apparently not up to the Allen’s usual standard as it was from a tin. It was even still can shaped!) fabulous sweet potatoes, dressing and mashed potato. I didn’t really get the mashed potato though, why have mash when you could have roast tattys? Very odd.

Didn’t leave the dog out, sneaked him some morsels to munch on too.

I’d been hearing horror stories online from British Expats about Thanksgiving Dinner; this peculiar preference for mashed potato which I can not fathom, but worse….a love of a particularly revolting sounding green bean casserole that is an American custom. I was so very relieved when Bill told me that yes it is disgusting and certainly not part of the Allen Thanksgiving repartoire. Phew, spared.

Dinner settled rather heavily in my tummy and soon afterwards I ended up spending the afternoon snoozing on the couch with Bill while American Football played on the TV. The only way I could finally revive myself was to down a generous shot of Bailey’s in coffee. We reverted to the Poker Championships when the Football stopped and I was then instructed on how to play Poker and Black Jack by Bill and Donnie, while attempting to finish quilting the bedcover I’m making before my parents arrive so that we actually have some bedding for them.

In the evening we went to the cinema to see Elf. Bill’s choice of film. Uhm, not impressed. Bah humbug. Bill guffawed his way through it though and I enjoyed watching that. Even bits we’d seen numerous times in trailers had him shaking in his seat. Very strange. Lame. Lame. Lame.

The next day we met Mark and his wife Tracy for pizza (no idea how I managed to force some down after the copius food the day before) and spent a pleasant few hours with them before we had to return to Atlanta so I could go to my karate class.

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