The blues, shopping and Indian

Saturday 28th December
Heading on into the last few days of Bill’s visit now, beginning to get all tight in the tummy at the thought of having to put him back on an aeroplane soon. Argh!

Okay, so as I had promised him, today I swallowed any personal pride and dignity I had and took Bill to the Manchester City Superstore in Rusholme where I bought him a Man City woolly hat. Lovely.

On the way home I stopped off at Sarah and Andy’s to see if they were about and up for a curry in the evening. Also had to input their phone number and those of Holly and Paul into my mobile as I always relied on the address book or Matt’s mobile in the past, doh! Anyhow arranged to meet them at 7 at the Whitworth and to go for a curry from there. Felt Bill had to experience proper Rusholme curry during his stay in Manchester.

It was cutting into the afternoon by this point so we hastily departed, dropped the car back at the flat and jumped on a bus into Manchester for a quick wander around Piccadily and the Northern Quarter.

Dragged Bill into Vinyl Exchange and that fab design book shop Magma where we drooled for a while, then decided we were ravenous and headed into Night and Day for some yummmy Mexican food. Food took forever to arrive so we sat and chilled there for most of the afternoon til we had to dash back to the flat to do a quick turnaround and get back out to the curry mile to meet Sarah and Andy.

Now despite having left numerous messages and texts on Holly and Paul’s phone and mobile and not getting any response, when we got to the Whitworth turns out that they had phoned Sarah and Andy to let them know they were coming. Grrrr.

Anyhow, had a quick drink then tootled down the road to the Hanaan to fill our tummies. Yum! Enjoyed a very pleasant meal. Afterwards as usual Holly, Sarah, Paul and Andy weren’t up to do anything else and to be honest I was quite relieved, meant Bill and I could go for a little waddle around Rusholme on our own then head back to the flat. Yay!

[more censored] as we sat up late goofing about and watching more dull British telly.

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