The Cornish and Launceston

Friday evening dahn the town

Oh boy. Last night I went down The Cornish, followed by Jackie Chams with Sy and Mel. Had far too much to drink, or rather, not so much too much, but copius bad combinations!

.o0(2 Stella, 2 (and a bit more) Black Russians, a Blueberry unidentified alcopop, a Rhubarb and Custard Vodka Slammer and a couple of sips of unspecified pink cocktail) UGH!

I deserve to be feeling terrible today, I’m pretty rough, but I deserve so much worse.

Key moments involved:

Rob telling me that there is a TKD school that runs out of Tavistock College. Whooo Hooo! He does Karate himself but told me that he’d find out any details and then give me a ring about it.

Drunken Stag party spilling people, drinks, contents of wallets, blood everywhere. The streets had to be hosed down when they left.

Sy breaking into a flat.

A drive in the country

This afternoon Dad took Melly out for driving practice and we went over to Launceston for a bit of a jaunt and a coffee and cakes:

Had a great afternoon. Bill, you won’t believe me, but it was actually a beautiful day. The views were marvellous and with all the smatterings of snow on the moors the landscape was gorgeous. Blue skies and bright sunlight too.

Ducked out of a family film viewing, it was boring me stupid, and am currently on web cam. Someone is a very naughty boy. Grrrr. You know who you are.

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