the excitement of Friday night

*bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

Got home to find 20s fab “Assorted Mayhem” music compilation awaiting me. It’s so great, he’s even drawn a lovely squirrel with the bushiest tail ever on the cd. He’s sticking his tongue out, looking crosseyed, making a “peace” sign and surrounded by pink bubbles. Awwww. Most exciting.

Saving my pennies (watch out Vile ;]) and having an early start in the morning so lounged around the house, played in PhotoShop and chatted in Wayland this evening. Munched a kebab, maintained this weeks policy of not consuming alcohol. Wondered if sober pinK is evident from drunkard pinK? If you’re not in the same room as someone can you tell? Do I type differently? Hmmm.

One by one, everyone else left until it was just Red and I. Hung with Pengie for a bit in Pravda, conversed. (Surprising what I can say even without the vodka – I blame the coke, made me all giddy and sugared up!)

Am still trying to decide what to do about Infest and the bank holiday weekend coming up. Not going at the moment, not sure I want to either. In any case I have no ticket, and no accommodation, and no nice clothes (the important bit!). Ho hum. Oh I don’t know. Too hard, am going to bed.

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