The flight home…

..was great. I’m sure.

Although I wasn’t on it, if I was it would’ve sucked.

I’m still here in Atlanta, padding around the house with Quince while Bill is at work.

We’ve decided to make the most of the 90 days I’m allowed to stay in the USA on my Visa Waiver so I’m probably staying right here with Bill until late August. Hoorah! Beats Instant Messenger, and I get to experience Atlanta in the summer. *turns up the air conditioning*

Painting and Alpharetta Take One

This weekend we’ve been very busy. Friday evening we got stuck into painting the office and have been working hard on that, not finished yet but it’s looking awesome. My job at the moment is to paint white stripes around the orange lines because we decided they needed uplifting a little. The walls had started looking a little gloomy and worrying us but the white is not only saving the scheme, it’s making it. Getting there. GO us!

Having fun and it’s going to look great.


Mail lady came around and Bill finally got a glimpse of the nasty spider that is residing above his mail box. I think he sees why I was so freaked now. It’s a very cool looking spider but it is EVIL and SCARY.

Saturday afternoon we stopped work, cleaned ourselves up and went over to Mary’s house (Bill’s sister) in Alpharetta to meet some more of the family. We were meant to meet Julie’s kids and an Aunt there for dinner, but there was a slight mix up and we’d got the wrong day. When we arrived the house was locked up and no one was there but the dogs. Poor Quince was all excited to see his doggy friends; Lucy, Tate and Alex, and we couldn’t just head off again without upsetting him. Decided to leave Quince with his mates while we went out to a BBQ place to get something to eat. One very happy dog was disembarked, causing doggy mayhem.

Sat in the sun outside the BBQ joint and had a very pleasant lunch, though Bill is now resolved never to eat Beef or Pork again. Let’s see how long that lasts before he buckles again.

Hank and Mary had both returned from their excursion when we stopped past to pick Quince up and say hi. Had a brief chat regarding a possible website idea for Mary before we headed back to East Atlanta. Quince refused to get back into the truck and raced off into the house looking for more doggy fun. Ended up leaving him with Hank, Mary and the dogs overnight.

Driving home on the Interstate and a convertible overtook us, it’s passenger grinning and wearing huge HULK hands he waved at us enthusiastically. Made us laugh. He was very proud of his HULK hands.


Was very strange not having Quincy around when we got back to the house. Missed him very much.

Alpharetta Take 2

Returned to Alpharetta Sunday afternoon and this time got it right, everyone was already gathering there when we arrived. Quince belted out the house and it was great to see him. Especially as he ran straight past Bill and barrelled towards me. *giggle*

I’d been warned that Julie’s four kids are a hoard and that they love Uncle Bill. Wasn’t long before he was outside with them piling on top. Found a frisbee and the front yard was filled with screams of glee.

The dogs had a party too, Julie brought her two squirrels with her as well (Cocker Spaniels) and they all raced around with Quince sporadically. Quince is a very funny dog at Camp Leslie. He goes all silly, turns totally crazy, and even plays with dog toys. Throws them around the room and chases them himself. Gets very playful indeed.

Pizza was had, more frisbee was thrown (as were the kids) and then watermelon was dripped everywhere. Gracie’s t-shirt was saturated with the juice in dribbles down her front. Finally ended up racing around the house with Gracie Tickle Monster growling and snarling in pursuit before Bill saved me and whisked us off back to Atlanta for a trip to the Drive-In. Managed to get Quince stowed in the car this time.

HULK at the Drive-In

Made it back to Atlanta in time to go to the first showing at the Starlight. Yay! We got to see the HULK! Parked up and there were some guys Bill knew in the next car along, previous owner of the Star Bar or something. Anyway, they had a kid with them, and this kid had HULK hands! Bill got to try them on. They make thunderous noises when you bash them together. Fab.

Snuggled up with Bill under a blanket, laid back and enjoyed the film, lots of destruction and HULK bashing. Though far too many lingering moments on Betty’s face I thought.

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