The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint

..there were no shade trees, not even a bush to block the sun. There was an old lightening-struck cottonwood in the front yard, a charred skeleton of a tree that offered no shade at all until my mother got into the habit of hanging beer cans from it’s charred branches with fishing line. The beer cans – there were hundreds of them, and more than a dozen new ones being added each day – would make a peaceful clanking when a breeze came up, but they never did much to keep the house cool.

When the mailman stopped in front of our house that day my mother was in the cave-like darkness of the kitchen polishing off breakfast (four Pabst Blue Ribbons and half a tray of ice cubes) and Grandma Paul was out back under the bear grass ramada in her traditional skirt and Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, grinding acorns and managing not to perspire. I was outside poking around in the weeds by the side of the road, or maybe wreaking havoc on a hill of fire ants – I guess it doesn’t really matter where I was or what I was doing.
– Brady Udall

Yay! My internet acquisitions have arrived. Started reading Miracle Life, it’s great so far. The above passage reminded me of a post that Vile LJed at Christmas about the StarBar Christmas Tree.

Miss Bill, not been able to catch much of him recently at all, he’s a busy babe. Been quite grumpy, but I know it’s not his fault at all, I just get frustrated with the situation. Trying to keep perky though. Not fair to be grouchy at him.

Off to the cottages now. Need to get out of the house and away from this cursed pooter and infernalnet.

Will post regarding the weekend later, much fun was had.

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