Toilet Duty

Bleargh, just finished my jobs on the rota for this week. Lucky ol’ me got to clean all the toilets and scrub out the microwave. I feel icky and in desperate need of a nice long bath.

Coach tickets arrived this morning – whoo!

As did an engagement card from my Auntie Jenny (mum’s sister) and Uncle Nick, Helen and Lizzie:

They have another daughter, Lucy, but she no longer lives at home. Posted up a card from her last week I think. She must be in her final year of studying criminology (?) at university. Guess I’ll be keeping her away from you Bill! 😉

Enclosed was a cheque for £20, unless you have any better ideas babe, I’ll stick that in the Visa fund shall I?


This is really tricky, I think I must have a problem with my monitor cable. Unless I sit and hold it in a certain position I get a deep blue opaque screen and can’t really see a thing. When I do hold it, I can read stuff but all the colours are freaky. Dammit!

Last night attempted to play Go with Bill on Yahoo!. Goddamn that game sucks AND it gave me nightmares!

I’m now torn between sticking it out until I understand what the hell was going on (enough to win!!) and screaming abuse at it. My head even hurts thinking about it.

Once when I was little, hmm must have been about 10 I guess, we stayed at my nanna and grandad’s overnight. At the time Simon had a little entrepreneurial industry running a comic library and I spent the entire day reading lots and lots of comics, The Dandy, Beano, Whizzer and Chips and the like. That night I was so sick with lurid images of Dennis the Menace, Gnasher, Beryl the Peril, The Bash Street Kids, Chalky and ilk racing through my head. I might have been running a fever at the time too but whatever, that’s kinda like what my dreams last night were like, except Go orientated and I couldn’t escape. Overslept til midday too, in that kind of slumber where you know damn well you have to get up and the alarm has gone off, but the dream has you.

Ugh, part of the dream also had one of those moments where you dream you are awake and getting up and are convinced it’s real. I put on my skanky cleaning clothes and nuked all the toilets til they were gleaming. I was just feeling accomplished that I’d got up on time and done my chores for the week when in waltzed that game of Go again. Aaargh!

I’ve practically cleaned double the toilets I had to today. Dammit.

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