Great I’ve just woken up and am all bleary. I must have fallen asleep on the sofa all crunched up. I feel so rough. I had a good afternoon at the pub, but I don’t half feel nauseus again now.
Should eat something but I don’t think there is anything in the house that doesn’t involve effort.
And now it’s 11.30 and I should be going to bed so I can drive to Sheffield tomorrow but there’s no chance of me sleeping now and my head is too fuzzy to do anything productive. Dropped into Wayland where Vile was listed as being all cosy in his “quaint little office”, but he was unresponsive. Tried cracking open Flash but can’t concentrate. Wanted to start on my canvas this weekend too, while I had more space, but I don’t feel like making a mess right now.
Need a hug.
Can’t even be bothered with the forums.
oh, Dad’s just come online.. I’ll go pester him.

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