Valentine's Day

Woke up next to a snuggly Bill all eager to give him his Valentine’s Day pressie. Unfortunately though I was far too sleepy, couldn’t move and promptly fell back to sleep again. Oops. A few hours later I awoke to an empty space next to me and the sound of Bill playing on the XBox in the front room. Coaxed a grumpy Billl into the bedroom under the pretext of wanting Valentine Day cuddles and surprised him with my gift which was cunningly hidden underneath the bed.

He then understood why the night before I’d been so determined to put my sleepy hubby to bed and stay up late watching crap TV. I was actually being crafty, his pressie was in the mail box and I had to sneak out to get it under cover of darkness. I’d also spent the entire week jumping out the truck and checking the mail as soon as we got home in case the package had arrived. When it did I’d had to leave it in the mail box and connive to pick it up without suspicion later. So, when he was asleep (I waited half an hour or so just to make sure) I snuck out, retrieved the parcel and did my best to wrap it up without any sellotape.

Thus a very taken aback Bill got his Porco Rosso (Studio Ghibli animated film concerning a flying pig) DVD and raced into the front room, Kay in tow, to immediately watch it.
Happy Valentine’s Day babe!

After that very pleasant morning I somehow managed to persuade Bill to take me shopping, I was worried as we were planning to go out that night and I felt uncomfortable as I didn’t really have anything to wear. He took me to TJMaxx where he hid in the Toys R Us downstairs while I found a really cute Dollhouse skirt and a Miss Sixty Chinese style wrap skirt, though neither really what I was looking for and I’m not sure how I’m going to wear the Miss Sixty skirt. I’ll need inspiration on that one, but I’m sure it will come.

Lenox Mall came next and Bill even let me into some clothes shops there too, though again he disappeared off somewhere while I browsed!! I ended up buying a couple of very pretty boldly patterned floral garments which are very “fruits”esque I suppose. Yay!! New clothes for a Kay! Felt much better.

AND!! We had a peek into Crate and Barrel where Bill found me an egg cup!! Hoorah!

Yikes! Lost we totally track of time in the mall, particularly in Urban Outfitters, and before we knew it we were only 40 mins away from our evening dinner reservation. Hurriedly raced back to the house, showered, changed, tarted up in my new clothes and headed over to the Thai restaurant in East Atlanta for a Valentine’s Day meal. Had a really nice three course meal. For the entree Bill had sashimi and I had the veggie sushi. Both of which were huge portions that came served in a large boat of a dish. Bill ploughed through his, I only made it halfway through mine and had to ask for a doggy bag (which was great at 3 in the morning when we got back to the house and I had a feast awaiting me!).

Had a really good time and left with a very full and happy tummy (though I was worried about Bill for a bit as straight after eating he dashed off to the men’s room and left me being all concerned that the sashimi hadn’t agreed with him! The bill came while he was away so I paid, convinced he was suffering food poisoning I neglected to tip. When Bill emerged he was fine, I’d been completely paranoid and he had to fish out some notes and leave the tip separately. Oops *blush*)

Good job he did really as at our next destination (the StarBar, of course) our waitress showed up, recognised us and said hello! She was a bit strange though. She kept coming up to us, looking as if she was struggling to say something and then wandering off again. Odd.

So, the evening ended in an alcohol fuelled buzz at the StarBar, to the noise of Gargantua (a Bill fave, who really weren’t half bad). Had a very good night.

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