Valentine's Day

No mushiness for us today. Got up, Bill climbed into his overalls (dungarees! *giggle*) and I put on as many layers as possible as the weather has taken a cold dive, and we went out into the back for a romp through the jungle that is Bill’s back yard. Clambered past the wire mesh fence that divides the area, leaving Quince sat on the porch watching us quizzically. Through the trees you can see the cars on the I-20 tearing past.

We’d decided to have another go at getting the fire to light, dammit, and were off on a quest for kindling stumps. Bill led me past all the brambles and undergrowth to the stump that he’d already been attacking. First I’d heard of it, but at the base of a naturally dead tree there is a heart that is saturated in sap as all the juice has drained back down to the bottom. It smells like turps and is amazingly easy to set alight. Bill said that back when he was a kid he used to gather up chunks of this wood and sell it to get extra cash.

Bill hacked off some more strips of this kindling wood and I carried. We both appear to lack a great deal of forethought, in our eagerness (yeah! let’s have FIRE!) we forgot to bring a bag. Duh.

We then went right back exploring further into the woods in search of any other kindling stumps. Didn’t have too much luck on that front though, most of the other stumps and fallen trees had already been totally devoured by termites and were simply illusions of sturdiness. One gentle prod and they mainly crumbled to dust. Found one other source of kindling, but that was all. Bill attacked it with his axe and we returned back to the house with quite a healthy stash.

While we were still all outdoorsy we then took a happy Quince for a walk around the block. Ended up exploring an overgrown and seemingly abandoned graveyard just down the road from Bill’s place. Was very cool. Surprisingly there was absolutely no sign of any trash in the centre of the cemetary, or evidence that it is a teenage haunt. Was interesting poking around back there looking at all the forgotten graves. I think the earliest one we found was dated 1811.

It’s full of great big family plots. Sad, one family in particular had a vast area devoted to infant children. 🙁

Also came across a dead dog laying on one of the paths as we left the graveyard, briefly unsettled Quincy. Not a nice find.

Wandered back over to the house, left Quincy there and went to get coffee and breakfast in East Atlanta Village. Bill took me back to the snuggle cafe of my last day in Atlanta back in October. Unfortunately the seats we had last time were occupied, but we made do. Bill scoffed at me when I insisted on having a large slice of chocolate cake for breakfast, but happily devoured the remains when it proved too much for me. *rolls eyes*

While experiencing more unfamiliar bathroom strangeness in the ladies, Bill spotted a poster about a missing dog on the notice board. Looked rather like the one we had just seen on our walk. Felt awful. Bill decided to go back via the graveyard on our way home to do a bit of cross-referencing to check whether it could be that doggy or not. Waited in the car while he went to see, one glance told him it wasn’t a match. The missing dog was female, while this one was male. Phew? Okay, one dog is dead but there’s at least still hope for someone’s lost family pet, and we didn’t have to break bad news to anyone.

Spent the rest of the day playing Jet Set Radio Future while Bill had to work on a proposal for something or other. Kept running into the office and giving him a hug too of course. *pinKaboo gets in the way!*

Tried our damndest to get a fire going. Nada. I don’t get it. We could get what would appear to be a roaring fire, it would look like the flames were biting the wood, but turn our backs for a second and all signs of fires would turn to blackened smouldering ashes. Grrrr.

Another quick trip out to Grant Central to pick up a pizza, then it was back for snuggles, film watching (Unbreakable), more huggles and snuggles and a very cosy evening indeed. Yay!

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