Vile promises a stupendous cd

bear witness:
Vilehelm: I’ll have to send you a CD or something
pinK: cool
Vilehelm: Where would I send it to?

pinK: me!!!

Vilehelm: damn! you’re a clever one!

pinK:so I’m told
Vilehelm: What’s your address silly
Vilehelm: I’ll make you a true “YallTernative” CD

pinK: fantabulous!
pinK:*bounce* *bounce*
*pinK will be all excited like Christmas til she gets her cd now*

And so now I wait in trepidation for my treat from the Deep South USA, oh and it will apparently have a picture of a raccoon on it too, and if it doesn’t I shall be immensely disappointed – hoorah!

Vile – I am counting the days.

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