Wander Dawg

The ring of the phone woke me up from slumber this morning. I answered it blearily. A girl’s confused voice was on the other end, apologising for dialling the wrong number. But hang on. She was trying to get hold of Bill, so this was the right number. Okay, that threw me for a sec.

She then went on to say that Quince had got out and was roaming. A quick frantic glance around confirmed that Quincy was nowhere to be seen, oh heck.

He did this last night too, we got woken up around 4am by incessant barking. When Bill went to investigate and tell doggins to shush he was surprised to find Quince on the front step wailing to be let back in again. Very un-Quincy-like behaviour. We think he must be after that red dog over the road, drives him mad it does.

Anyhow, thankfully Meredith then confirmed that she had rounded Quincy up and would bring him back over to the house.


Okay, think I’m going to go take him out for walkies and try to get to a Post Office now, hopefully that will quench his adventure lust for today.

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