Wednesday phone call #1

Martin came around to see Matt on Wednesday night, they went round to the Woodstock leaving me all alone in the flat, with Moonraker on the telly and still pooter-less I didn’t know what to do with myself. Intended to do some painting, but sat and looked at the canvas for a while deliberating. I don’t know where it’s going or what I am trying to do with it, but I like it so far. Need to get over being scared of it though.

It occurred to me that phoning France is probably actually cheaper than phoning a mobile so got all excited and bounced around the house wondering if that would be too weird. Eventually phoned Pengie to say hi and freak him out. Almost hung up when he picked up because he answered in English and I was phoning France and had to remind myself, like, duh, he’s American you spanner. *giggle* Not so bright.

Anyhow Pengs was cool, was chatting to his brother at the same time, so if I had had my head screwed on instead of being like “omigod I’m phoning France” I should have told him to ping me if he had a moment when he was free and I’d phone him back again (if he’d wanted to of course). But no, wasn’t thinking, so instead, he tried to contend with two conversations and his brother probably wondered what had happened to him. I’m SORRY!

Pengs tried to get Shirley to say hi, but I think she was shy. It was fab to hear him trying to get her to speak though. It’s a shame Mogsy was outside swishing her tail angrily at birds in the synagogue hedge at the time, I’m sure she could’ve had a nice chat with Pengs’ cat. She’s really talkative. 🙂

Then I hit the mandarin Absolut, yummy.

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