Wednesday phone call #2

Had a shot of voddy and still felt like having a chat with someone (*sticks tongue out at Pengie*) so dug around and finally found Johnny’s number. Hadn’t spoken to him in a long time, well, since we went to visit little baby Harvey just after he was born 6 months ago. Decided it was about time to say hi again.

Nicky answered the phone and immediately asked what was wrong, which was weird, I assumed they must have spoken to Nick but apparently not? And I don’t think I sounded funny or anything. Anyhow she passed me over to Johnny so I couldn’t fib to him! Explained all.

Had quite a long talk with him, basically it ended with him suggesting I just hand my notice in at work and thus set myself a deadline to go travelling/get a new job/or something.

True, my deadlines do keep blurring into nothing, Realised that I have now been working here for a year and a half when I intended to only stay a year, and certainly not to be working here by the end of the summer. I had also sworn to have got a new job before Lara hit 50,000 miles and that happened this week. (btw she’s now on 50,558 – which means that I have driven approx 34,558 miles in under 2 years!)

I have also saved up a nice little amount of money recently as I have been saving like mad, except that at the end of next month the car insurance is due and it will probably be the exact amount of cash that I have saved. Dammit. Johnny suggested I just forget about insuring Lara and run away for a bit and have an adventure instead?

Anyhow, thinking about lots of things at the moment, and now need to get it together and do something, if I haven’t updated my site with my cv by the end of the weekend I am a bigger fool than I know I am already.

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