Hmm, Wednesday afternoon I had to take Nanna to the chiropodist. Afterwards we drove over to Wembury as I thought she might like to sit in the sunshine and see the sea for a bit. Had quite a nice day, Nanna was mega polite to me and said wonderful things about Mum, even bought me coffee and a slice of chocolate fudge cake in the little cafe that’s in the old mill building.

She also made it down onto the beach and across the stream that cuts through the beach so that we could go and sit on a rock and look at the same view that was on the postcard I’d just bought. Watched a small crab meander its way through the pebbles and driftwood. Was a beautiful day and I guess school isn’t back for many kids yet as the beach was busy and there were many kids frolicking in the waves.

Wish I could have brought Molly with me, thought that she wasn’t allowed on that particular beach but the signs when we got there said that was only May-September. Poop.

Oh, and found out why Nan may have been complaining that no cars and buses have been stopping for her when she uses her white stick out and about. There’s no telling her, but she doesn’t bother to unfold and extend it. She just keeps it folded up and waves it about like that. No wonder nothing stops, I wouldn’t either. If it doesn’t look like an aid for the partially sighted it’s not going to recognised as such. Oh dear.

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