Where a kid can be a kid.

At this place you have to buy special coins to put into the arcade games in order to play. If you win a game the machine churns out strips of tokens which can be collected and then redeemed for prizes at the end of the child’s visit.

We were sat down talking with Donnie at one of the cubby benches. Julia was sat in the corner next to Bill. I watched her sneak beneath the table, pop up next to her dad, grab the entire paper cup of Chuck E Cheese tokens, slide out underneath the table again and vanish before either Bill or Donnie knew what was happening. *giggle*

Julia got herself some more prize tokens after she and Max had redeemed all theirs, so gave me some as a souvenir.

Bill was a big kid and couldn’t resist having a go on the jet ski racer. He tried to get me to play too, but I’m afraid I was a bit embarressed and somewhat overwhelmed by it all and chickened out. I suck. Would have liked to have had a go but was feeling a little nervous and not exactly relaxed. Hopefully next time I get to meet Max and Julia I’ll be a little more chilled!

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