whooo! Karaoke night at the StarBar!

but first…
Woke up to the ultra amusing sight of Vile wandering around the house in dungarees, that is when he got dressed and wasn’t sat goofing about online in his Mr Clean pyjamas. *giggle*

We were supposed to have taken the dogs for a walk yesterday but it had tipped it down, today was better though so Loretta and Quince got put on their leads and Bill and I took them for a little bit of exercise. I got to drag Quince around, while Bill got dragged by Loretta. Had a very pleasant walk around Bill’s neighbourhood, stopping at practically every yard for Quince to do boy dog things. Lovely.

Bill tried to drag any thoughts about his thesis I had out of me. I refused to relent though and teased him some instead.

We did a circuit around the block and got back to the house, neither of us seemed to fancy going back in again quite yet though, so around we went again. Could have probably done that all day but eventually we had to head back inside to where Kati was waiting for us to return so we could go out for lunch.

Lunch today was a drive to the Our Way Cafe for a spot of Southern cooking. Bill made me try some corn bread, though I can’t say I was too impressed as it was quite stodgy.

Found a cashpoint outside and was able to draw some more horrible American money out this time. It had been the checking or savings account option that had flummoxed me the night before.

Atlanta State Penitentiary was our next stop as Bill wanted to show me all the best bits of Atlanta. Looks frightful.

Visited Charlie’s Trading Post and gawped at mounds and mounds of jeans, fishing tackle and just strange things all heaped up in rows. Kati went mad in the denim department (UGH, boring crappy jeans, where was the purple sparkly boot cut section?) and Bill tried to find himself a warm coat. I guess an equivalent place in the UK would maybe be Bogey Knights in Plymouth, except of course that is all Army surplus gear. Same look and feel to the place though, but I didn’t spot any scary gas masks, full on hard core diving suits with the bell helmets, or submarines for sale.

Bill drove us past the Starlight Drive-In on the way home as he’d told me so much about it while on Nyar and I’d never seen one before.

My last night in Atlanta
Had to pack up all my things back into my rucksack and hunt around the house for items Loretta had tried to run away with so I’d be ready to leave the next day. Tried to do this while Bill and Kati watched The Sopranos but instead Loretta came into the bedroom inquisitively and I ended up romping around on the bed letting her gnaw me instead. Much more fun.

Made it to the StarBar for karaoke. Tonight the bar was lined with tables and there was much seating, for which I was thankful as I’d chosen to wear silly pointy shoes on the Friday night and had had to stand! (Couldn’t believe Vile went out in his dungarees, was not impressed! 😉 Heh, actually no he didn’t, he did get changed, just teased me that he was going to wear them out. Phew!) We nabbed one, made ourselves comfortable and watched the fun begin.

Good grief! Karaoke at the StarBar is such a fun night! Not your average karaoke that’s for sure, though saying that my only real previous experience of karaoke was on my birthday at the Thai restaurant in West Didsbury where the owner, Wendy, sings Elvis as you eat and Martin got persuaded to go up for a quick croon too because he didn’t get me a card. (shame on him)

Bill, totally oblivious to his surroundings

Bill was most amused and told me that I had got totally checked out by a girl.

Had a scary toilet experience when I went to the ladies, pulled the flush and had to run for my life as the plumbing exploded. ARGH!

Hot girls shimmied and sang and were a highlight of the night. Bill tried to capture on camera the moment when one of them lifted her top to the bar, but was just a fraction too slow. Hah!

photo strip I
More StarBar photobooth mayhem when Bill made me go in with Kati, which kinda confused the hell out of me. Still, was trying my best to be a good girl so I obliged, especially as Kati is great. Actually obliged is the wrong word, I was very happy to goof about with Kati in the booth, I was just completely torn between feeling totally lousily guilty and having a great time. She’s cool and was so nice to me and I kept thinking wicked thoughts about her boyfriend. Oh hell!

Went back to the table and drank more. Somebody was up doing a Violent Femmes track, bounced lots.

photo strip II
Bill snapped out of a fug or something (he’d had a bit of a weird moment) and decided it was our turn again. Bounced into the booth with him. (btw the red curtain really sucks!)
Got left on my own waiting for the machine to eject the photo strip. When it finally got expelled a group of girls snatched it from me and wouldn’t give it back. They studied it for quite some time and and teased me about it. Got it back eventually and ran back to Bill. Whooo, someone was up plugging away at “Birdhouse in your Soul”!
By this point the photo booth was conking out a bit and the 4th picture didn’t come out. We’d been censored! Though probably just as well.

Drank more.

photo strip III
Almost time to be heading off back to the house when Bill decided that one more strip was called for. Oh boy. Again, photo #4 didn’t come out, kinda phew! (It’s still indelibly marked in my head though!)

Kati had also been drinking heavily, and suddenly decided that she was going to go up on stage herself. Apparently she has NEVER done that before! I think she totally stumped Bill by going up and performing her arse off to “Sweet Transvestite”! Blimey.

Bill (who somehow hadn’t had as much to drink as Kati and I and was scarily sober) drove back to the house with Kati singing along to David Bowie in the back.

Back at Vile’s house snuggling with Quince

Kati went straight to bed and Bill and I sat around drinking more beer, and pretended not to snuggle on the couch. We went outside onto the porch for our usual huddle, smoke and heart to heart. Gave Bill a very drunken review of his thesis and probably talked utter crap at him. At some point could no longer resist climbing into his jacket and we ended up holding each other tight and kissing. Didn’t want to let go. Kept guiltily thinking of Kati beyond the window, but kissing Bill was just too good and I’d been fending such thoughts off all week. Just wanted to be close to him. Was very bad.

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