Woggy walkies

Did a bit of Kay junk organisation yesterday. Mum and I are planning on trying our luck at a Car Boot Sale maybe next Sunday. Might see if I have anything hoarded in the attic to flog too.

I went to see if my bike was in vaguely sellable shape, but as Dad informed me that it is now merely a pile of rust in a bush, I guess not. 🙁

Reminds me, maybe the Camel Trail would be good to drag Bill along if he makes it down this way when he visits the UK for my Visa Interview. (*gives the London US Embassy a mental prod to find my mail and arrange me a *$%*£in’ interview!*)

Took Molly for an outing in the evening. We went over to the farm to see Nicky and go for walkies with the farm dogs. Betty was a little madam and we had to keep her away from Molls ’cause she wasn’t too friendly. Molly went totally mental in the farmhouse, had to keep her on a lead to stop her skarfing all the other dogs food and investigating Daisy the bird too closely.

Slackened the lead a little too much and Molls was bounding onto the kitchen table trying to steal homebaked chocolate and coconut cookies before I could even blink. Luckily Nicky was nearer the tray and had fast reactions.

Handed Molly to Nicky for a moment while I had to use the bathroom, came back to find Carrie and Nicky in stitches because Molls had just snogged Carrie.

Thankfully Molly is so adorable I think she was forgiven for her mayhem. She was just a little excited by all the juicy farm smells I think.

Gathered up the doggy hoardes and Nicky and I took them off into the fields. Was able to let Molls off the lead for a romp after a while. She had a fantastic time crashing through the remains of corn stalks.

Musto stole her stick and insisted on carrying it everywhere once he got it firmly clamped in his jaw.

Hot air balloons drifted overhead so we were accompanied by a gushing soundtrack of air being blasted. Whooompfh wooomsh. Molly didn’t seem to mind too much, though the cows that came over to stare at her across the fence from an ajoining field were a little disconcerting for her. Decided not to chance taking her through that particular field then.

Tired the poor little puppy out, when she got back home she flopped out comatose on Daddy’s feet.

Was a little nervous about driving again here after my attempts in the States. Needn’t have been though. Got back into the drivers seat and immediately felt totally comfortable driving again. Vrooom. Didn’t have to constantly think about which side of the road to be on, and the gears were second nature, no confoozlement there. Was so relieved to be driving on the proper side, on real roads, with signage in the correct places again. Yay! Much better. Though, took it a little easier on the country roads past Countryman Cider than I normally would have, they felt incredibly narrow and weird after three months of wide American lanes.

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