Sunday, Bill took me over to the YMCA and changed his membership to a family one so I could be put on it too. Yay! Got my first US id card! *giggle* Temporary one for now, but I get to have my picture taken for the proper one when it’s processed, .o0(oh hell).

Once this was done we then had a fun morning frazzling ourselves in the steam room, splishing around playfully in the pool and bobbing about in the jacuzzi. Fab.

Then we got home, had a pasta lunch and lazed the afternoon away watching Monsters Inc which has to be my favourite animation yet. It rocks. We like monsters. And, that DVD is amazing, it’s full of bonus goodies and we spent much time poring through it drooling. We like.

Dungarees got put on when Bill went to mow his weeds and I pootled about on Roscoe to the tune of Bill cursing outside.

Once the yard was mowed I got booted off and Bill went into Immigration Protest mode, kicking the TSC_Watchdog into action and preparing the data for the Protest Group to send to government and/or media contacts. Yay!

Felt a little guilty because once again we didn’t get around to taking Quince for a walk. Poop. Still, he’s had lots of loving and pestering from me instead.

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