Zennor is Kay’s fiendish running companion. An insatiable runner, Zennor is always ready to leap out of her dog bed and set her four paws trotting.

I adopted Zennor on Independence Day 2014 when she was approximately 2 or maybe 3 years old. It’s curious to think of what her life was like before I met her, but all I know is that she was a resident in a high kill animal shelter in Idaho before being transported to a rescue group in Washington state. Snoqualmie Juvenile Detention Centre has a canine unit where they bring in rescue dogs and pair them with kids in their charge. The children are then tasked with looking after the animals and working on their basic training using positive reinforcement methods. Once doggy boot camp is passed, the dogs get put up for adoption.

Although I had hopes set on finding a long distance loving purebred german pointer in need of a home, it seemed that most rescue groups were insistent on us having a fenced yard or acreage for that breed. Although I could guarantee a dog plenty of daily exercise, our rental house in urban Seattle was not conducive to allowing me to become a prospective adopter to most of the dogs I took a fancy to as I obsessively trawled petfinder.com looking for a hairy, four legged, running friend.

We ended up with Zennor because my son was hanging over my shoulder as I browsed the pointers and was indefeasibly drawn to her pitiful photo. He insisted we meet her and pointed out that she didn’t come with any such strict adoption stipulations. Canine Connections was simply happy with the promise of lots of running in this mutt’s future, and said that a fenced yard would be pretty useless as she could easily jump a six foot fence anyway. They weren’t wrong, she does have springs in her legs.

Sold to us as a German Wire-haired Pointer/Labrador mix, a DNA test conducted out of intense curiosity has also since uncovered that she is barely my longed for pointer at all. Instead she is predominantly boxer, and most definitely 100% mongrel.

The girl can run though. She’s leggy, she’s fast and she has great endurance. As long as the sun’s not out. Sadly her scruffy black coat puts her on the sidelines during hot summer days, but otherwise she is built for Seattle running, and she does it well.

Zennor’s Race Results:

Deception Pass 25k – 2:55:07 (Overall 61/228 | GP 25/137)
Carkeek 6 hour (am) – 21.23 miles
Fragrance Lake 25k – 2:31:52 (Overall 31/112 | GP 11/63)

W WA Fatass 25k
Bridle Trails 50k – 4:34:45 (2nd place female and 50k PB)
Capitol Peak Mega Fatass 26k – 2:47:34 (3rd place female)

W WA Fatass 25k
Bridle Trails 50k – 4:46:44 (1st place female)
Capitol Peak Mega Fatass 26k – 2:39:18
Fort Ebey Kettles Trail Run 20 miles – 3:15:34 (1st place female)
Lord Hill 50k – 5:37:48 (1st place female)

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