A British transplant to the United States, Kay Allen has been living on the wrong side of the pond since 2003 when she made the life altering decision to marry an American. Handsome, charming, witty, and all that good stuff, but an American nonetheless. Said American dragged her up onto the Down near her home at the edge of Dartmoor one wet, cold and windy Christmas day, and at a local landmark endearingly nicknamed The Pimple, asked for her hand in marriage. The heroine of our story doesn’t mind a bit of English grey chill and drizzle but with the prospect of missing out on any Christmas merriment back at the old abode she said anything to get back off that hill and back in front of the roaring fire with a glass of sherry. The fact that he had a funny accent and spoke a different language from the Queen, a common and recurring cause of confusion, didn’t have anything to do with it.

Not one to renege on her word Kay soon (though soon is actually a very long time when dealing with US immigration) found herself with two suitcases packed, a one way ticket and a new life Stateside. Crazy, maybe, but actually not a terrible move at all. Now she is not only married to an American but has helped increase the population by two, though she insists her young son and daughter are also British, and has the passports to prove it.

Applegate 5 : is Kay’s attempts to keep friends and family informed about colonial life. As a stay at home mum with two young children this generally involves trying to remember to write down all the stories to bring up around the dinner table when her future grown up children bring friends home.

Run-a-Kay : It all comes back to Dartmoor again, with a side helping of a little bet from her husband.

As a hasher’s daughter Kay grew up believing that traipsing cross country following blobs of sawdust through brambles and bracken, tussock and mire, in all weather, in search of beer (shandy or a lemon/lime for young Kay) was perfectly normal behaviour. Though, from school until her late twenties she entered a long wilderness with no running involved. Eventually a chance encounter with a fellow hasher in the USA brought her back into the fold and introduced her to the local kennel of retrobates there. Soon No F***ing Hash Name Kay was otherwise known as Tasty Pie and enjoying chasing her way through urban slop and shiggy with the Atlanta Hash House Harriers and Harriettes.

At this point she wouldn’t consider herself a runner though. Just foreshadowing.

It took:

  • – another stodgy break from exercise following pregnancy and the birth of her second child,
  • – a family relocation to Charlotte, NC,
  • – a Summer holiday back home spurring the random but burning desire to just take off and run solo across the moors,
  • – and her husband betting her that she couldn’t run a 5k race by the end of 2009,

for that.

Kay is just a little competitive and took the challenge. She ran her first race, a trail 8K, in September 2009 and hasn’t looked back. She is challenging herself to ever longer distances and likes nothing better than getting out on the trails, splashing through mud and running up mountains.

Run-a-Kay : is Kay’s chronicle for her running adventures.

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