10 days continued

Saturday 10th April
We left the dogs with Bill’s folks (Genghis was a big hit) and took Mum and Dad over to Macon to see the Indian Mounds. It was another warm day and I caught the sun a touch as we walked around the Ocmulgee National Monument. Had a nice morning exploring the mounds with Mum and Dad before they headed off on their own for few days in Savannah. Bill drove ahead of them out of Macon so they could find the right highway and we waved them off as they went off on an adventure.

The temptation of Southern BBQ led us back to Milledgeville via a side of the road BBQ joint where once again the menu and ordering completely frustrated me. I could only really eat the chicken and just wanted that and some chips. So when I’d already said what I wanted did people keep asking me if I wanted sides? And then did I want a plate? Well, yes, something to eat it off would be a good start…except they meant a platter, in which case NO I do not want a plate because I want chicken and chips! Gah!

Back with Bill’s parents the dogs had been very good and were both lounging around contentedly. The sun and food had made me drowsy so I zonked out with them for the afternoon. I know Bill did too cos I saw him spread out snoring on the couch!

Once awake we did a successful trip to Lowe’s looking for Azaleas. We bought several because they were so cheap, enough to line the side of the dividing fence at the side of the yard with.

After tea with Don and Fran I dragged Bill back out again to go to WalMart. He tends to be stubborn and stick his heels in the ground about going there, but with Easter tomorrow and no eggs in sight we had no choice. I’d had to leave this until the last minute as I hadn’t really seen what I was after yet, and we’d been concerned that if we bought choccy too early it would just melt. Anyway, I scored. WalMart had a few proper easter eggs in stock (though not really in the same league as the eggs extravaganza we get in the UK) but best of all I discovered that they had imported Cadbury’s Creme Eggs MADE in England, not that horrid stuff made in the US by Hershey’s under licence from Cadburys. That stuff is icky. Happily purchased some Mini Eggs too..hoorah! Decided sending Cadbury’s back home to Sy and Mel would be a tad silly though and bought them some Hershey’s Kisses and Jelly Belly candy instead. Sorted.

There is a cinema just across the road from his parents we sometimes go to when we visit and as Bill has been eager to see HellBoy we decided to go see it there. It was good, enjoyed it. It wasn’t especially taxing or innovative but was far better than League of Extrodinary Gents and is entertaining. Munched my Cadbury’s Mini Eggs all the way through it and still had half a pack left at the end. Hoorah for US size portions!

Snuck back into the house with the parents asleep and watched a little telly before turning in.

Easter Day
Happy Easter!

Whoo!! The Easter Bunny came in the night and delivered some rather odd shaped Dairy Milk, I think he had a stomach problem when he laid those! Thanks Mum and Dad. Though not too happy that one of the blocks was the Whole Nut variety so that I wouldn’t steal Bill’s share! Booo!!

Packed the dogs up and prepared to depart back to Atlanta as soon as we could as Bill’s folks were off to Church anyway. Cunningly borrowed a cool bag to put the chocolates in and stuck a bag of ice in with them to avoid any disastrous meltage on the trip home.

Fran and Don left before us, all dressed up in their Sunday best, but soon after we pegged it back to Atlanta and got to work planting all those azaleas in the garden. Yard is looking quite full and will be splendid when everything is settled in and blooming.

Easter Monday
Did a day at BrightHouse then got back to the house just after Mum and Dad arrived back at 6pm. We had hoped and planned to go to Karaoke at the StarBar this evening but rain called off play. We had a terrific night of major thunder and lightening. Think Mum and Dad were impressed with the scale of a Georgia storm and at one point disappeared out onto the front porch to watch the night light up and the rain drive down. Kept the dream of going to karaoke alive until it was clear that the bad weather was pretty set for the night and finally gave in and cracked the wine open instead.

Bill spent a lot of the evening hiding in the office while Mum, Dad and I couldn’t be torn away from the latest gruesome reality TV show that started that night. This is one that’s going to certainly appear on one of those “Crikey Americans are freaks!!” TV shows detailing this continent of crazies. The Swan is horrific and definitely out to see where the bounds of moral decency and depravity lie. The premise is thus, each week two “ugly ducklings” are selected as being complete mingers. These two lucky ladies are then treated to three months of complete body and mental overhaul, and I’m not talking mere makeover here. They are taken away from their families, secluded, and first put under the surgeon’s knife and laser. Then while bandaged up, bruised, bleeding and a tad sore, they get personal therapists, trainers, and a strict regime intended to beat beauty into them, until at the end of three months they have to compete against each other in a fight to go on to the beauty pageant of “swans”. The losing lady is given the message that she looks better but still isn’t good enough, nice try, and gets sent home. Scary. But compelling.

Yahtzee then came out and Bill joined us in the front room for drinks and dice throwing.

2 Responses to 10 days continued

  1. vilehelm April 19, 2004 at 6:32 pm #

    crikey indeed

    I will not watch that show…it’s creepy.

  2. vilehelm April 19, 2004 at 6:32 pm #

    crikey indeed

    I will not watch that show…it’s creepy.

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