A frittered morning?

Doh. Today Bill went to work leaving the back door open. Surprise surprise Genghis made his move and scarpered. Quince and I were out looking for him when the neighbours across the road waved me down as he’d appeared in their yard. Crazy dog. It’s quite amazing though, he managed to crawl beneath a metre and a half of mesh wire that Bill had put down to stop him, and then dug his way out underneath the fence. Slippery.

This weekend I spent Saturday beavering away making myself a cute skirt. I’d been trying it on along the way and was very happy. Until I finished, put it on to show Bill and it was suddenly inches too big for me. How on earth did that happen?! I’m baffled and very disappointed. I’ve made it almost too well so it’s going to be really tricky to adjust. Rats.

On Sunday we headed out to Home Depot Expo to get a feel for potential bathroom solutions. We were wandering around looking at all the tiles and other bathroom related products when we turned to each other and both admitted to being completely overwhelmed.

We did end up leaving having made a purchase though. We found a lone figurine of a monkey carrying a glass vase in a backpack. As it reminded us both of Jim we just had to buy it for him as a pressie! The next day we had to make a visit to the bar because if monkey had stayed in our house any longer Bill’d have been keeping it. Iron Monkey!

Had lunch at a British style pub today, enjoyed very welcome pub grub of chicken and chips and a bitter shandy. Best of all they even provided malt vinegar with the meal. Mmm.

Meant to spend the morning cleaning up the house. Woke up with very good intentions but after wasting time dog hunting I then succumbed to phoning home. With the time difference I feel justified as else everyone is bed when I get home from BrightHouse. I nattered away to Mel and Simon who arrived back in Tavy yesterday, heard all about Molly’s antics from Daddy and had a brief word with Mum who I caught as she was dashing home for a quick supper before having to run back to school again. That was good. I love being able to call home like this.

Then I gave Nicky a call and ended up rambling on at her for ages too until I was interrupted by an Instant Message from Bill saying he was on his way home. Oops. So much for those good intentions. Ended up having to dash onto the shower and throw on some clothes (I was wearing dog hunting gear!) before he walked in through the door. Just about managed it.

Very much enjoyed catching up the Sprout and talking rubbish to her. Was a very bouncy Kay when Bill arrived home. I do hope that sort of made up for the chaos surrounding me.

2 Responses to A frittered morning?

  1. missbumpkin September 23, 2004 at 9:28 am #

    It was good to talk to you too 😉 Happy Bunnies!

  2. missbumpkin September 23, 2004 at 9:28 am #

    It was good to talk to you too 😉 Happy Bunnies!

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