Charleston, SC – Tuesday 29th March

Bill managed to take a week off work just after Easter and we decided to all pack up and visit Charleston for a few days. We had to leave the dogs behind, but thankfully they were able to stay in their own home as we arranged for a friend to come around daily to feed them and make sure they were alright. Thanks a lot Rick, we really appreciated knowing that our babies were in good hands while we were away.

I pulled out my knitting and for most of the long drive to Charleston I knitted merrily in the back seat. Mum got itchy fingers from watching and I made great progress on the laptop bag I’m endeavouring to make.

Bill came up trumps with the hotel he’d booked us into just on the outskirts of Charleston, the Charleston River View Hotel. Once we’d trashed the clean hotel rooms by strewing our stuff around and had a bit of a breather we headed on into the town in search of some sustenance and a nosy.

Lots of ghost tours were traipsing around already once we made it into the town. As we wandered the streets we could hear snatches of all the different stories being told and small children making ghost noises at the tours as they passed by.

Several of the local eateries were so popular that there were huge crowds milling on the pavement outside waiting for tables. Not for us. We don’t do that insane waiting thing! Crazy people.

Needing a drink we chanced upon “Bodacious Burgers” which was a pub with an unresistable happy hour. We sat and supped bevvy’s while examining all the tourist leaflets we’d picked up along the way. Once our gaze moved up from these papers we realised we were sat in what appeared to be a British themed pub. Fake pub signs that looked like a child’s art project adorned the walls and photos of the Royal Family beamed sternly down at us.

Continuing on we then made our way to the waterfront which was surprisingly dark and quiet. It was not a harbour full of boats and reflected lights glimmering on the bobbing sea.

We discovered a pier jutting out over the water on which to promenade and were impressed by the swinging seats suspended from gazebos. The only annoying thing was the other people occupying them and looking like they were having a great time swinging gently in the peaceful night…rotters.

Bill had already decided where we should be eating that night so we then followed him, and his nose, through the backstreets to where the restaurant should be. And lo and behold, it was!

The menu turned out to be a little pricier than we were hoping for, but so impressed were we by Bill’s sense of direction we decided to stay at Poogan’s Porch for dinner anyway. It was very much the perfect eatery for Bill, Mum and Dad, who found it terribly hard to choose what to have because everything sounded so delicious. I, on the other hand had no decision to make at all. Spinach Fettucini or Spinach Fettucini for me! Anything else that wasn’t seafood was slathered in nuts…boooo!!!!

We dined on good food, conversed heartily, emptied a bottle of red wine and Bill discovered that the local brew, Palmetto porter, was rather delicious and worth having more of before contentedly toddling back to the hotel to pass out for the night.

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