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Just discovered a screenshot of Grandad watching Sam play with the pirate ship he got for his birthday on my desktop. I didn’t know it was there so I guess I must’ve hit the screenshot key by accident. Probably wasn’t paying full attention and trying to type and pay attention to Daddikins while watching and […]

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ON – On #13

Atlanta #1331 February 3rd 2007 – Skin Flute Pie with secret hare Little Willie start: Wayfield Foods, Bouldercrest Drive *** It seemed such a simple start location for me to find. Yet my easy route of “ah straight up Bouldercrest from East Atlanta Village” had me somehow entering a squishy hole in the space-time continuum, […]

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ON – ON! #12

Atlanta #1330 January 27th – Boner start: Marietta High School For some reason the events of this Saturday afternoon in the BonerZone are somewhat hazy. I can’t think why. Maybe it’s something to do with a) the fact that I wasn’t driving? b) the seemingly magical refilling beer glass I had? c) the decent pitchers […]

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ON – On #11

Atlanta #1329 January 20th – Coffee Bean start: Candler Park Playing tricks on us the weather appeared to be bright and beautiful but the cold jaws of winter lurked and the pack shivered and refused to expose flesh to the elements, mostly preferring to remain bundled up. For the benefit of our hapless virgins Bean […]

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ON – On #10

Atlanta #1328 Show Ur-Anus shows us some scenic views. Start: AMC Movie Theatre at Cumberland Boulevard, off I-75. *** Having handed over my fiver plus one to the money grabbing bimbo Piggy’s Bitch, I don’t regret to report that I completely missed the chalk talk this fine January hash as I was engrossed head down […]

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